Monday, November 26, 2007

Phone-swipe Oyster scheme

The Guardian writes about the new scheme to let people pay for London transport by swiping their phone:

London Underground is ready to launch a system which allows people to pay for train journeys using their mobile phones. Officials from Transport for London, mobile maker Nokia and phone network O2 are understood to be preparing final details of a handset with a built-in Oyster card.

It is believed that the scheme will allow tube travellers to pay for their journeys simply by swiping a compatible mobile phone across the ticket-reading machine. The system could also be used for bus journeys, trams and some overland train journeys around the capital.

The launch would mark a significant expansion of the Oyster card scheme already used by London Underground, which allows travellers to pay for all their journeys using a single swipe card.

Read in full - 'Tube to launch phone-swipe Oyster scheme'


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