Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sensor rise powers life recorders

BBCNews in 'Sensor rise powers life recorders' reports that a person's entire life from birth to death could one day be recorded by a network of intelligent sensors (which sounds similar to the 'MyLifeBits' project at Microsoft). Anyway, according to a senior scientist:

By 2057, Martin Sadler of PC firm Hewlett Packard, said there could be at least 1m devices for every UK resident. Predicted advances in storage and cameras coupled with decreasing costs would allow this explosion, he said. But, he warned, the amount of personal data that could be collected would lead to difficult ethical dilemmas.

"Maybe the first time you know you are pregnant is when a targeted piece of advertising comes through on your computer screen offering you some baby clothes because somehow the smart toilet, or some other aspect of your environment, leaked that information," he said.

Well worth a read!

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