Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mobility with 'Hostile Intent'

A recent Guardian article discusses the latest in counter-terrorism plans to develop an array of advanced technologies capable of spotting would-be terrorists in a crowd. Specifically, these technologies are designed to analyse people's behaviour and physiology from afar, such as during border crossings and national entry points like airports, in the hope they may reveal clues about their mental state and even their future intentions:

Under Project Hostile Intent, scientists will aim to build devices that can pick up tell-tale signs of hostile intent or deception from people's heart rates, perspiration and tiny shifts in facial expressions...According to the timetable set out, the new devices are expected to be trialled at a handful of airports, borders and ports of entry by 2012.

The plans describe how systems based on video cameras, laserlight, infra-red, audio recordings and eye tracking technology are expected to scour crowds looking for unusual behaviour, with the aim of identifying people who should be approached and quizzed by security staff, New Scientist magazine reports.

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