Monday, August 06, 2007

Body Area Networks

The Danger Room have made reference to the US military's move towards 'Body Area Networks' ( or, in my acronym - 'BAN' it!):

So the Department of Homeland Security is asking researchers to work up a "wireless body area network."

Recent progress in the research and development of wireless body area networks might help facilitate cost effective and flexible solutions for first responders. Wireless body area network technology could provide the ability to use a less expensive array of plug and play sensors for different needs and responder requirements. A wireless body area network standard might allow responders to competitively select from various vendors with unique specialization in order to be equipped with the most appropriate sensor grouping for their job. Such a modular approach would allow for sensor and network technologies to evolve yet minimizing loss of total investment.

Read in full - 'Homeland Security Wants "Body Area Networks"'

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