Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disaster relief and mobile phones

More here on the subject of using mobile phone networks to organise relief efforts. Smartmobs writes that:

The Economist reports on “Flood, Famine, and Mobile Phones,” a look at the way mobile telephony is changing disaster response and relief:

MY NAME is Mohammed Sokor, writing to you from Dagahaley refugee camp in Dadaab. Dear Sir, there is an alarming issue here. People are given too few kilograms of food. You must help.”

A crumpled note, delivered to a passing rock star-turned-philanthropist? No, Mr Sokor is a much sharper communicator than that. He texted this appeal from his own mobile phone to the mobiles of two United Nations officials, in London and Nairobi. He got the numbers by surfing at an internet café at the north Kenyan camp.

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