Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sandia researchers help to make cars smarter

Roland Piquepaille reports on Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) - who are more known for their research on nuclear weapons - researching how to make our cars safer. He informs us that some SNL researchers are designing safety features for cars that can analyze human behavior:

Cars already automatically lock doors when they sense motion and turn on warning lights if they detect potential engine problems. But they are about to get smarter.

The augmented cognition research team at Sandia National Laboratories is designing cars capable of analyzing human behavior.

The car of the future they are developing may, for example, deduce from your driving that you’re become tired, or during critical situations, tell your cell phone to hold an incoming call so you won’t be distracted...

And SNL, which has recently launched its Cognitive Science and Technology Program (August 8, 2007), is really promoting its activities. "Imagine a world where a machine creates a 'virtual you' by modeling how you think and your expertise on a subject. Or one where your car's computer appreciates your driving skills and compensates for your limitations. That's the world Sandia National Laboratories has entered full throttle through its Cognitive Science and Technology Program (CS&T)."

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