Monday, October 15, 2007

Tokyo Motor Show

A sneak look at some of the exhibits and concept cars from this year's Tokyo motor show will reveal flashy concept cars that both try to mimic nature (such as 'the wind' in the above vehicle). There are also concept vehicles for individual mobility such as Toyota's I-Real:

Blurb - 'It looks like a roofless plush armchair that scoots about on wheels, with buttons and controls on the arms. It changes positions, straightening up for moving slowly to mingle with pedestrians, while shifting to lay back to travel faster at up to 30 kph (18.6 mph)'

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More on Toyota's 'personal mobility vehicles' - Smartmobs writes that:

Toyota is planning to roll out the latest in its “personal mobility” vehicles at the 2007 Toyota Auto Show. The new RiN Concept monitors the driver’s mood and takes steps to keep it even-keel. It accomplishes this through seats designed to maintain good back posture, an oxygen-level conditioner, and a pinpoint humidifier. Presumably these features help eliminate subconscious, physical discomfort which could contribute to angry drivers. Another, more exciting feature is an image display that aligns with the driver’s psychological state. These image displays are conveyed within the meter cluster of the mood-training steering control.

Read more on this from 'How the Toyota PM Works'

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