Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I just let go of my balloon...

Now here's a lovely story on how mobile connections can form friendships... even when there is no high-technology involved.

In 'I just let go of my balloon – and found a friend in China' The Times reports on a story of a young girl's balloon travelling 6000 miles to find a recipient:

A helium balloon released at a school fĂȘte on a rainy day in Manchester has been found in southern China. After a 6,000-mile journey that has meteorologists baffled, the shrivelled remains were found by Xie Yufei in a park in Guangzhou, a sprawling metropolis 75 miles north of Hong Kong. The latex balloon had been released on July 15 by Alice Maines, 4, and was one of 100 launched in a balloon race at Flixton Junior School’s annual summer fair.

Distances do not necessarily have to be tech-mediated!

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