Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Network sensors to Secure America's Power Grid

In the article 'Securing America's Power Grid' from ScienceDaily it discusses how networks of wireless sensors are being developed to monitor the US power grid to better respond to weather disasters, or terrorist incursions:

"An Iowa State University research team led by Arun Somani, chair and Jerry R. Junkins professor of electrical and computer engineering, is working to develop a network of wireless sensors that could monitor the country's electricity transmission system. While the sensors could pick up suspicious activity at power poles, they'd be especially useful at quickly locating any breakdowns. That could allow power companies to react in time to prevent power disruptions from cascading into blackouts. And the monitoring system could also help power companies quickly locate problems when severe weather tears down electrical lines."

It seems that remote wireless sensors will soon be the norm for regulation and monitoring?

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