Sunday, June 11, 2006

Electronic 'spy in the road'

The Independent writes about new satellite technology that may be about to achieve the end of the traffic warden. A British firm has invented a system of sensors that could wipe out the infamous parking enforcers patrolling the UK's towns and cities.

Electronic 'spy in the road' may replace traffic wardens:

"Resembling a conventional cat's-eye, the aluminum road studs can be installed in the road surface in seconds. Using a tiny satellite receiver they immediately sense when a car has parked over them because the signal is blocked.

When vehicles park in no-parking zones or overstay their time limits, even by a second, a message is sent to a central computer. This could then prompt an automatic camera, similar to those used in bus lanes, to photograph the offending vehicle. The first a motorist would know about it would be when a fine turns up at their home."

Automation of all disliked services?

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