Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Digital Planet - disaster management

This week's Digital Planet - 05/06/06 Digital Planet - has a useful look at the use of communications in disaster recovery - a hot topic:

'This week we look at the role software can play in disaster management. How do NGOs and governments keep track of missing people or work out where to send food aid? A unique system developed in Sri Lanka following the Tsunami is now providing the answer. We hear from Malaysia about the country's faltering dream of becoming the IT hub for Asia. Huge investment went into the development and construction of a cyber corridor ten years ago, but the project has been dogged by incompetence and a prescriptive approach from the developers. The programme also examines forgery of online data. The British library has responsibility for collecting all works published in Britain, including web pages. But with the huge range of image altering tools available it?s far easier to change digital images than printed ones.'

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