Monday, June 05, 2006

Get a weather warning by text: 'Head4shelter'

In Sunday's Observer newspaper an article - Get a weather warning by text: 'Head4shelter' - describes how a new website is to offer an SMS service to warn mobile users of location-specific weather:

"You plan to spend the day watching tennis at Wimbledon. Before setting off, you type 'SW19' into a website, which, while you are on your way, sends you a text message: 'Rain coming your way.' You decide tennis is not such a good idea and go to the Tate instead...The website is to offer subscribers SMS text warnings of imminent downpours, sensitive to within a few miles and updatable every quarter of an hour.

'If you're putting the washing out to dry, or thinking of having a barbecue, an SMS rain warning will make your life a lot easier,' said Paul Michaelwaite, managing director of"

Yes - but lets remember Michael Fish's prediction of calm weather before the hurricane struck!?

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