Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saving through Second Life

Here is a brief post about the University of Southern California’s Network Culture Project which is hosting a community challenge titled Second Life and the Public Good:

Led by Doug Thomas, principal investigator at the USC Annenberg School of Communication, the USC Network Culture Project invites the residents of Second Life to imagine new ways that virtual worlds can be used to make a contribution to the public good.

"We really wanted to put out a challenge to the various communities that make up Second Life to find ways to use a virtual world to make a difference in the physical world," says Thomas. Proposals from groups, organizations or individuals should show how Second Life can enhance, develop, or sustain the public good. Submissions will be selected based on how well participants demonstrate the significance of virtual worlds for making an impact on society or culture. Projects could address any social need and may include conservation, human rights and international justice, global peace and security, reproductive health, digital media and learning, or juvenile justice.

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