Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Car of the Future Will Know You Can't Drive

Wired's Autopia blog has an article on technology that could one day allow your car to be able to tell you about an oncoming vehicle in your lane on a blind curve or even calm you down on a harried commute. However....it may also tell your insurance company how often you drive over the speed limit or alert advertisers to target you - not such a good thing?S

Stanford professor Clifford Nass and his colleagues at the university's CarLab are figuring how to make vehicles collect information on where you drive, how fast you go, your preferences and how you react when some jerk cuts you off. The technology could make you a better driver and even save you time and money - but it also could let insurers keep tabs on you and help advertisers reach right into your car.

Nass, who's being funded in part by automakers, is not the only guy working on this. Microsoft wants to bring Google-style advertising to your dashboard.

"From the point of view of advertisers, the driver is a great captive audience," Nass says. "You have the ability of knowing where the person is, so you can have very location-specific advertising."

Read article in full - 'The Car of the Future Will Know You Can't Drive'

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