Friday, May 23, 2008

“The Future of the Internet” is Coming

SmartMobs has a post that comments on a review of Jonathan Zittrain’s book “The Future of the Internet — and How to Stop It”:

Waters details a few good points from the book from how personal computing will change in the next few years and what to expect if it does, according to Zittrain anyway.

Closed systems are also instruments of control: They can be used to limit the information their users can access and to restrict what can be done with that information, and they make it easier to monitor the behavior of people who are connected to the network.

So why would we end up in this state of technological and social lockdown? Because the PC and the Internet, according to Zittrain, are about to suffer an implosion that is common to all open technologies.

Waters is poses that seeing the future is both “inspiring and depressing”. Hoping that the our society is smart enough to recognize that social adjustments are needed otherwise the internet will need regulating by the government. Can we change our social habits and stop abusing the freedom the internet grants us? The future of the internet awaits with the answer.

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