Thursday, May 08, 2008

RFID-Based Robots Come to the Rescue

The RFID Journal reports that German researchers have 'developed a system enabling robots and humans to use passive RFID tags to map out a disaster area and send information to a command center':

As teams of rescue workers moved throughout New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck that area in August 2005, they frequently wrote codes on buildings to inform groups arriving behind them of important information, or to help those disoriented by the rubble realize they had already been to a particular site. For instance, the codes revealed whether a building was dangerous, or safe or contained rubble.

Researchers in Germany's Black Forest region have developed an RFID extension of this coding system. Their RFID-supported urban search-and-rescue concept features robots and humans working together in disaster zones to map an affected area and transmit information to a command center.

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