Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Private jet sharing: is it really green?

The Guardian in the UK has this article on a scheme that has been set up which claims to allow travellers the chance to cut their carbon emissions without compromising on the luxury and sheer convenience such flights offer! Read on...

Jet-sharing, based on the kind of car-sharing scheme popular with the eco-conscious, is the latest concept to emerge from Britain's booming market in private jet hire.

Launched by Private Jet Club, a jet brokerage company based in the City of London, the service encourages members to avoid the expense and environmental impact of hiring an entire aircraft by sharing it with like-minded individuals. Members are assured they will travel in an "economically and environmentally responsible manner".

"A lot of people like to have a stab at the super-rich," said Alex Hunter, director of the Private Jet Club. "They see jet travel as unnecessary expenditure and unnecessary carbon emissions. But it is necessary for people whose itinerary cannot be dictated by commercial airlines."

Sincere or a poking gesture?

Read in full - 'Private jet sharing: it may assuage guilt, but is it really green?'

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