Monday, March 17, 2008

What's the best mobile broadband?

The Guardian has a brief yet useful post on some of the offers on mobile broadband. This is good to know when choosing a provider - this is becoming quite popular now for laptop surfers on the move:

Finding out which package suits you best hinges on how much you're willing to pay and how often you will use it. Vodafone's option is the cheapest - just £7.50 a month - but you only get 120MB of downloads for your money (that's not many web pages).

For heavier users, 3 dishes out contracts from £10 a month with a data allowance that's 25 times larger at 3GB, while T-Mobile's Web'n'Walk package offers 3GB for £20 - although you get the added bonus of unlimited access to the company's thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots for downloading big files.

At the higher end, power users might want to look at Orange's Business Anywhere calling plan: it's at least £25, but comes with unlimited downloads and 250 minutes of Wi-Fi access included.

Taken from 'What's the best mobile broadband?'

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