Monday, March 03, 2008

James Bond-style amphibious car launched

(Image courtesy of CNN site)

CNN have an article on the sQuba (above) which draws comparisons with James Bond's amphibious Lotus Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me":

It's called the "sQuba," and conjures up memories of James Bond's amphibious Lotus Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me." That fictional vehicle traveled on land and, when chased by bad guys in a helicopter, plunged into the water and became an airtight submarine -- complete with "torpedoes" and "depth charges."

The concept car -- which unlike Bond's is not armed -- was developed by Swiss designer Rinspeed Inc. and is set to make a splash at the Geneva Auto Show next month.

Company CEO Frank Rinderknecht, a self-professed Bond fan, said he has been waiting 30 years to recreate the car he saw Roger Moore use to drive off of a dock.

The sQuba can plow through the water at a depth of 30 feet and has electrical motors to turn the underwater screw. You'll have to break out the wetsuit, however.

Read in full - 'James Bond-style amphibious car launched'

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