Monday, March 31, 2008

The growth in digital footprints

Smartmobs has a post on how a recent IDC Study Forecasts 'Explosive Growth Of The Digital Universe; Spotlights Worldwide Phenomenon Of “Digital Shadow”':

For First Time the “Digital Shadow” – Amount of Digital Information Being Generated About People – Surpasses the Amount They Create Themselves; Digital Universe Bigger Than Estimated Due to Explosion of Digital Cameras, Digital TVs, Surveillance Cameras and Social Networks.

“Society is already feeling the early effects of the world’s digital information explosion. Organizations need to plan for the limitless opportunities to use information in new ways and for the challenges of information governance,” said Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO. “As people’s digital footprints continue growing, so too will the responsibility of organizations for the privacy, protection, availability and reliability of that information. The burden is on IT departments within organizations to address the risks and compliance rules around information misuse, data leakage and safeguarding against security breaches.”

Read more at 'As people’s digital footprints continue growing'

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