Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cyber Goggles for Human Tagging

Now it looks like tagging has gone from social-bookmarking onto super-goggles! Now here's a future snippet of interface design:

Tagging has become a popular standard in Web content management. Tags let a user associate that data with a subject matter, much like a card catalogue in a library. When that user goes to retrieve the data, they need only remember a keyword or two to find it. Just imagine if you could tag everything you saw with your eyes in the course of a day. University of Tokyo have developed a system which can do just that. Conceived as a memory aid for the elderly, the Cyber Goggles package consists of a pair of over-sized glasses on which a tiny camera and LCD screen are mounted. Both feed into a computer worn on the back.

Read in full - 'Cyber Goggles for Human Tagging'

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