Tuesday, March 11, 2008

‘Sentient cities: ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space’

SmartMobs has a good post following Professor Stephen Graham’s presentation on ‘Sentient cities: ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space’ at the Mobile City Conference:

Increasing amounts of information processing capacity are embedded in the environment around us. The informational landscape is both a repository of data and also increasingly communicates and processes information. No longer confined to desk tops, computers have become both mobile and also disassembled.

Many everyday objects now embed computer processing power, while others are activated by passing sensors, transponders and processors. The distributed processing in the world around us is often claimed to be a pervasive or ubiquitous computing environment: a world of ambient intelligence, happening around us on the periphery of our awareness, where our environment is not a passive backdrop but an active agent in organizing daily lives. The spaces around us are now being continually forged and reforged in informational and communicative processes. It is a world where we not only think of cities but cities think of us, where the environment reflexively monitors our behaviour.

Read full post - ' Mobile city conference - Stephen Graham on the politics of urban space'

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