Thursday, February 21, 2008

Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting

The Washington Post is following the story of how the European Commission plans for all foreign travelers entering and leaving Europe, including U.S. citizens, to be fingerprinted: 'If approved by the European Parliament, the measure would mean that precisely identifying information on tens of millions of citizens will be added in coming years to databases that could be shared by friendly governments around the world':

The United States already requires that foreigners be fingerprinted and photographed before they enter the country. So does Japan. Now top European security officials want to follow suit, with travelers being fingerprinted and some also having their facial images stored in a Europe-wide database, according to a copy of the proposal obtained by The Washington Post.

The plan is part of a vast and growing trend on both sides of the Atlantic to collect and share data electronically to identify and track people in the name of national security and immigration control.

Very soon there will be no movement with 'digital permission' - are we sleepwalking into this?

Read in full - 'Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting'

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