Monday, February 18, 2008

BAA luggage-tracking trial begins

BBCNews reports that London's heathrow Airport has begun its 6-month trial on RFID luggage tracking:

The £150,000 project involving the Dubai-based airline Emirates is likely to track some 50,000 bags a month. Stephen Challis of BAA Heathrow said it "could significantly improve efficiency" at Heathrow.

He said BAA was committed to "innovative baggage handling solutions".

"[It] could significantly improve the efficiency of Heathrow's baggage system, delivering an improved service to both passengers and airlines alike."

RFID is already used in a variety of ways such as the Oystercard used by travellers in London and also in pet passports....

Passengers who give their mobile phone number could receive a text letting them know the location of their bag when they land at the airport.

This has been on the cards for a long time... it is similar to trials on putting RFID tracking into airline tickets at check-in. Soon this technology is likely to be pervasive.

Read in full - ' BAA luggage-tracking trial begins'

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