Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mobilities: Volume 3 Issue 1

We are pleased to announce the contents of the forthcoming issue of Mobilities: Volume 3 Issue 1. This new issue contains the following articles:

Driving and 'Passengering': Notes on the Ordinary Organization of Car Travel p. 1
Authors: Eric Laurier; Hayden Lorimer; Barry Brown; Owain Jones; Oskar Juhlin; Allyson Noble; Mark Perry; Daniele Pica; Philippe Sormani; Ignaz Strebel; Laurel Swan; Alex S. Taylor; Laura Watts; Alexandra Weilenmann

Towards a Discursive Analytics of Movement: On the Making and Unmaking of Movement as an Object of Knowledge p. 25
Authors: Birgitta Frello

Sustaining Livelihoods in Multi-local Settings: Possible Theoretical Linkages Between Transnational Migration and Livelihood Studies p. 51
Authors: Susan Thieme

Mutant Mobilities: Backpacker Tourism in 'Global' Sydney p. 73
Authors: Fiona Allon; Kay Anderson; Robyn Bushell

Mobility and Market Research: Outdoor Advertising and the Commercial Ontology of the City p. 95
Authors: Anne M. Cronin

Motion/Emotion: Picturing Translocal Landscapes in the Nurturing Ecologies Research Project p. 117
Authors: Divya P. Tolia-Kelly

Practices and Flows of Digital Photography: An Ethnographic Framework p. 141
Authors: Jonas Larsen

International Airports: Passengers in an Environment of 'Authorities' p. 161
Authors: Aharon Kellerman

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