Thursday, February 14, 2008

SatLav website for those moments when you get called short!

Yep, you never need to feel desperate again as you walk the streets with a pounding bladder: MizPee, created by San Francisco-based Yojo Mobile, provides location details of toilets and allows users to rate them - based on the number of toilet rolls they would award the facility for its cleanliness:

The company, which has been running the service across a clutch of American cities for the past six months, has added Barcelona to its roster of locations in time for the MWC. It also has information about facilities in Paris, London and Rome.

The site - which can be easily accessed on an internet-enabled mobile phone by going to - also provides downloadable 'reading materials' under the banner of 'Looisms' for anyone who wants a distraction.The site has information about whether the toilet is public or connected with a restaurant or pub and for patrons only, whether there is a charge and if there are disabled or nappy-changing facilities.

The site relies on users to help populate its directory of toilets by uploading information about loos they have used and rating them.

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