Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unique Elly Clarke Mobile Phone Photo not yet taken in India, Jan-Feb 2008

Here is another worthwhile venture and project from Elly Clarke, friend of New Mobilities - please read and see if you would like to participate:

Elly Clarke is a visual artist based in London, UK. For 10 days only she is selling Unique Elly Clarke Mobile Phone Photo not yet taken in India, Jan-Feb 2008 via ebay.co.uk to fund her next art project. Entitled Four Films and a Documentary, it is a series of short films she wants to make next year in collaboration with The Russ Foundation , a charity based inMadurai in Tamil Nadu, India, which Elly Clarke visited and worked with for 2 months in 1994, aged 18.

In 1994, the Russ Foundation existed as a children's home. Since then it has expanded to support three additional groups: female sex workers; people living with HIV and AIDS and rural communities that are supported by a medical outreach program. (See more about it here: http://www.russfoundation.org .)

Four Films will be 3-5 minutes in length each, made in collaboration with individuals from each of these four communities. Every aspect of the creation and production of the films – from storyline development to casting, performance, music, direction and the final edit – will be worked out collaboratively.

Elly Clarke needs to raise £20,000 to make these films. At this stage, however, by taking one photo a day on her mobile phone, at a time requested by the buyers , which she will deliver to the buyer immediately by MMS, she hopes to raise enough to fund a research trip she has planned for January-February 2008.

The buyer can text Elly Clarke at any time (during daylight hours) on the day that s/he has purchased to let her know when to take the picture. If she is out of mobile range that day, she'll take the photograph at 5pm and send it whenever she next has reception.

At the end of the month, Elly Clarke will produce unique, one-off, single edition, signed prints of all photographs send them to buyers in the post, from India. In short winning bidders will receive the following:

A confirmation email stating the day(s) purchased and the mobile phone number to text at the desired time. (There will also be the option to pre-arrange the time of the photograph if easier)
The mobile phone photograph texted to you on the day (or as soon as possible afterwards if not in mobile phone range) . A hard-copy, one-off, signed print posted to you from India in mid February 2008. The option to purchase a limited edition poster that features all photographs taken in this manner, at the pre-production fixed price of £25. A total of 50 of these posters will be made. Only ebay purchasers will be eligible for this offer. Money raised will cover all expenses related to this 6 week stay in India. Any additional money raised beyond this will go towards the films.


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