Monday, December 10, 2007

Facebook blocked in Syria

Smartmobs reports in 'Facebook blocked in Syria' how since November 18th, "no one has access to Facebook in Syria. Trying to get to its homepage will result in a blank page. Lebanon’s daily As-Safir mentioned that the reason would be to prevent Israelis infiltration in Syria-based groups". An article in the New York Times goes on to say:

Residents of Damascus said that they have not been able to enter Facebook for more than two weeks. An Associated Press reporter got a blank page when he tried to open Facebook's home page Friday from the Syrian capital.

Syrian officials were not available for comment Friday because of the Muslim weekend, but some reports have suggested that the ban was intended to prevent Israeli users from infiltrating Syrian social networks. Lebanon's daily As-Safir reported that Facebook was blocked on Nov. 18. It said the authorities took the step because Israelis have been entering Syria-based groups.

Read also the NY Times story - 'Syria Blocks Access to Facebook'

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