Monday, December 17, 2007

Scanning video images of city streets

Roland’s Sunday Smart Trends over at SmartMobs has picked up on a story about how IBM's Smart Surveillance System will scan video images of Beijing and New York, seeking terrorist activity and other security risks:

When the 2008 Olympic Games kick off in Beijing next year, organizers will be using a sophisticated computer system to scan video images of city streets looking for everything from troublemakers to terrorists.

The IBM system, called the Smart Surveillance System, or S3, uses analytic tools to index digital video recordings and then issue real-time alerts when certain patterns are detected. It can be used to warn security guards when someone has entered a secure area or keep track of cars coming in and out of a parking lot. Beijing's S3 network is already being rolled out and is expected to be operational by the time the Games begin in August 2008, said Julie Donahue, vice president of security and privacy services with IBM.

Read full story - 'IBM System to Scan Streets in Beijing, New York'

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