Monday, May 29, 2006

Students get podcast instead of lecturer

A BBC NEWS article titled 'Podcast lectures for uni students' writes how a lecturer at Bradford University - UK - now delivers lectures via a podcast. Is this the academic way forward??

"Dr Bill Ashraf, a senior lecturer in microbiology at Bradford University, says the move will free up time for more small group teaching.

He told The Times Higher Education Supplement that first year biochemistry students would watch or listen to virtual lectures in their own time. Students will access the podcasts via their MP3 player, phone or computer.

Students will ask questions about lectures via text message, which will be answered in Dr Ashraf's blog.

The lecturer has also been putting his appointment times online so students can check if he is available or book a meeting without coming into the university. Dr Ashraf said the move would better suit the needs of distance learners, part-time students and those balancing studies with family and work."

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