Monday, May 08, 2006

Microsoft's Plan to Map the World in Real Time

MIT Technology Review have one of the early reviews on the new Microsoft mapping software in their article 'Microsoft's Plan to Map the World in Real Time':

"Researchers at Microsoft are working on technology that they hope will someday enable people to browse online maps for up-to-the-minute information about local gas prices, traffic flows, restaurant wait times, and more. Eventually, says Suman Nath, a Microsoft researcher who works on the project, which is called SenseWeb, they would like to incorporate the technology into Windows Live Local (formerly Microsoft Virtual Earth), the company's online mapping platform.

By tracking real-life conditions, which are supplied directly by people or automated sensor equipment, and correlating that data with a searchable map, people could have a better idea of the activities going on in their local areas, says Nath, and make more informed decisions about, for instance, what driving route to take."

Mapping & Mobilities - the topology of future trends??

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