Monday, May 15, 2006

Google goes and does it again...

Want to know who is searching for what, where? Now Google has lifted the veil this week on one of its best-kept secrets: which nations search for what.

Google has now introduced Google Trends which measures how often particular phrases are searched for from computers in individual countries and cities. According to one article - " Who types in "drugs" or "sex" most frequently?No country's secrets are spared.Pakistanis look up "Danish cartoons" more avidly than anyone,according to Google.They also lead the rankings for "sex" - with their neighbor and nuclear rival India seldom far behind."In Pakistani society, sex is a taboo,"said Fatima Idrees,a project manager at the Pakistani affiliate of the Gallup International polling agency,adding that "curiosity and availability of the Internet may cause such behavior."

I did try this - I typed in World Cup football: and 1st country was England, 2nd Ireland: in terms of cities, all top 10 cities were within the United Kingdom: so there's the proof, the UK is a footballing search engine king...well, is this totally surprising?

Google Trends

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