Thursday, August 31, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog - now thats the Question!

This is a predicament I know only too well - when going on holiday does one leave the blog alone and not updated, you do get someone to blog-sit for you, or do you take your blogging with you on holiday? It can be a tough choice for many people who feel their blog needs their sole voice (or soul voice?)

The Wall Street Journal has this post:

'Unlike other jobs, where co-workers can fill in for an absent employee, blogs are usually a one-person show. A blogger's personality carries the site. When the host isn't there, readers tend to stray.

In the height of summer-holiday season, bloggers face the inevitable question: to blog on break or put the blog on a break? Fearing a decline in readership, some writers opt not to take vacations. Others keep posting while on location, to the chagrin of their families. Those brave enough to detach themselves from their keyboards for a few days must choose between leaving the site dormant or having someone blog-sit.'

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