Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mixing Storytelling and SMS

MobileActive is a global network of activists and campaigners using mobile phones for civic action and engagement. In their recent post they discuss a new project:

'Recently YouthNoise and Virgin Mobile launched a mobile campaign designed to raise awareness of teen homelessness in other teens in the United States. The campaign – called Ghost Town – takes a unique twist on more typical SMS campaigns. It gets its message out through an SMS story sent in regular installments over a month.

Teens can subscribe to the story by texting GHOST to the short code 1234. After that they’ll receive a chapter of the story in a 160 character text message twice a day for a month...I think this is a great idea and really applaud the campaign for bringing so many mobile components into it. I do think a major challenge will be keeping teens reading the messages.'

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