Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Safety Camera Database has just updated its Safety Camera Database:

"The PocketGPSWorld Speed Camera Database has just been updated there are a total of 9211 cameras in the database. 3555 Gatso, 4200 Mobiles, 62 Temporary, 153 Specs, 248 Truvelo, and 979 Redlight Cameras.

We have had a total of 133 verified static cameras added this month submitted by 96 members. All members submitting the first report of these static cameras have been credited with lifetime memberships. We have processed an astonishing 3087 changes in the database this month, 2000 of them in the last week. This is why the release is a little late, we wanted to ensure that we were as up to date as possible."

If you go to the site you can get the RSS feed that updates you automatically when the database is updated!

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