Saturday, July 22, 2006

New issue of Mobilities Journal

The second issue of Mobilities is now available

'Facework', Flow and the City: Simmell, Goffman, and Mobility in the
Contemporary City - Ole B Jensen

Operationalising the Concept of Motility: A Qualitative Study - Michael
Flamm and Vincent Kaufmann

Vertical Flight and Urban Mobilities: the Promise and Reality of
Helicopter Travel - Saulo B Cwerner

Post-colonial Pakistani Mobilities: the Embodiment of the 'Myth of
Return' in Tourism - Nazia Ali and Andrew Holden

'It Was the Right Time to Do It': Moving House, the Life-Course and
Kairos - Alan Metcalfe

Geographies of Social Networks: Meetings, Travel and Communications -
Jonas Larsen, Kay Axhausen and John Urry

Travel and the 'Freedom of Movement': Racialised Encounters and
Experiences Amongst Ethnic Minority Tourists in the EU - Marcus L

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