Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics gets official YouTube channel

As the Beijing Olympics begins today it only seems fitting to report the latest on their mobile platforms. It appears that the Beijing Olympics will be 'broadcast online to more than 70 territories using a dedicated YouTube channel in a bid to help deter illegal viewing of the event on the internet':

Beijing games organiser the International Olympic Committee is to launch an online channel on YouTube to provide a package of daily sports action to 77 international territories including India, the Republic of Korea and Iraq.

The channel, which goes live on Wednesday [6th], will provide a selection of footage video-on-demand, with geo-blocking of access to limit viewing only to uers in each of the territories.

It will provide a package of coverage including highlights, news and daily clips of competitions during the 17 days of the Beijing Olympics, which start on Friday, August 8.

Read - 'Beijing Olympics gets official YouTube channel'

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