Tuesday, July 08, 2008

X-Ray Screening Comes to London's Underground

Police sniffer dogs at Waterloo railway station: Extra security at train stations amid terror attack fears

The Wired blog has picked up on the story of how 'airport-style X-ray screening machines and bomb-sniffing dogs are coming to a "handful" of London Underground and National Rail stations this summer':

The Department for Transport says ongoing concerns about terrorism prompted increased security at stations in London and other cities but subjecting everyone to the added delays would be impractical.

"Screening equipment and dogs can be effective in the railway environment," Transport Minister Tom Harris says. "However, given the very large passenger flows and thousands of entry points on the UK rail and underground networks, 100% airport-style screening is not feasible using today's technology."

Yeah, passengers probably would find removing their shoes every time they board a train just a tad aggravating. But passengers at the busiest stations will have their bags scanned by X-ray machines about the size of a washing machine, and random stations will be patrolled by officers with bomb-sniffing dogs. The Telegraph cites unnamed "police sources" who say the added measures aren't the result of an increased terror alert but rather follow earlier tests conducted in the wake of the July 7, 2005 London transport bombings.

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