Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Walking: Still Better Than Driving

So - is walking 12 times better for the climate than driving?

Here's a post that returns to the blogosphere debate about the climate impacts of walking vs. driving:

Apparently, some folks -- New York Times columnist and blogger John Tierney in particular -- were spreading the claim that a pleasant stroll to the store might actually release more GHGs than getting behind the wheel. Other bloggers picked up the meme, including one post with the headline: "Be Green: Drive."

The idea may sound absurd, but there's a legitimate insight behind it. Walking burns calories, which come from food -- and it takes an enormous quantity of fossil fuels to produce, process, and transport everything that we eat. Add in the other GHGs from agriculture -- everything from cow manure to emissions from synthetic fertilizers -- and you've got a potent global warming cocktail in every glass of milk.

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