Saturday, July 05, 2008

When Your Camera Knows Where You Are

What's this? A wi-fi camera memory card to take the hassle out of photo-publishing? Also, automatic geotagging too? Yep - it's the Eye-Fi Share card:

It’s a 2-gigabyte memory card, compatible with most digital cameras, with a twist: it has Wi-Fi networking built in. Each time you bring your camera home to your wireless network, it transmits your photos back to the computer, automatically and wirelessly. It can also upload them to Flickr, Picasa or another online photo-gallery site, automatically and wirelessly.

What’s the point? First, you’re saved the trouble of finding and attaching your U.S.B. transfer cable. Second, you skip the multi- step hassle of manually uploading the fresh pictures to a photo-sharing site...

... the Eye-Fi Explore card invisibly stamps every photo with where you took it. That’s right: photo geotagging has finally come to a camera near you. Noting what photo was taken where used to require either tedious manual data entry or expensive add-on gear. Now it comes cheaply and automatically.

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