Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wiki and the Blog

An article from D. Calvin Andrus titled 'Toward a Complex Adaptive Intelligence Community' says how

'US policymakers, war-fighters, and law-enforcers now operate in a real-time, worldwide decision and implementation environment. Information about a new development in Baghdad is known in Washington within minutes. Decisions about a response are made in Washington within minutes. These decisions are implemented in Baghdad within minutes. The total “intelligence-decision-implementation” cycle time can be as short as 15 minutes. While this is an extreme example, it highlights the tremendous compression of the response time required by all involved compared to previous generations. This severe compression not only affects the highest priority issues, but also ripples back into the most routine intelligence, decision, and implementation processes.'

In effect, this article calls for the US Intelligence agencies to act more in line with features of complexity theory - self-organising agents utilising feedback mechanisms such as blogs and wikis...

Yet can such Intelligence agencies allow for emergent properties that cannot wholly be predicted?

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