Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bunker surfing

This just in from Smartmobs on Internet access being put in bunkers for Web access - after all, wasn't this the original use for the Arpanet?

"Tom Friedman in Saturday's International Herald Tribune (subscribers only), writing from Tel Aviv: [via Lunch Over IP].

There was a small item in The Jerusalem Post the other day that caught my eye. It said that the Israeli telephone company Bezeq was installing high-speed Internet lines in bomb shelters in northern Israel so Israelis could surf the Web while waiting out Hezbollah rocket attacks. I read that story two ways: one, as symbol of Israeli resilience, a boundless ability to adapt to any kind of warfare. But, two, as an unconscious expression of what I sense people here are just starting to feel: This is no ordinary war, and it probably won't end soon."

An example of one nation maintaining Internet access while attempting to destroy communication infrastructure in another...

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