Thursday, July 27, 2006

Google the Jam

The Guardian has recently reported in 'Want to know if there's a traffic jam? Google it on your mobile' that

"Motorists in America can access live information on their mobile phones about the weight of traffic on busy highways through a new service offered by Google.

The Californian technology company's Maps for Mobiles allows users to zoom in on roads in more than 30 big cities.

Google has begun colour-coding them. Roads are red for congested, yellow or orange for moderately busy, and green for free-flowing. Similar information is already available online from other providers, including Yahoo, although Google's is tailored to mobile phones.

The service is yet to be made available in Britain, but maps are already streamed to mobiles in Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Spain."

Will this mean motorists soon in Britain will be causing more accidents by trying to read their maps on the phone??

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