Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mass targeting of mobile phones in Lebanon

According to a BBC article titled 'Israel steps up "psy-ops" in Lebanon' some people living in southern Lebanon have received voicemail from Israel, suggesting that they leave the area:

"From mass targeting of mobile phones with voice and text messages to old-fashioned radio broadcasts warning of imminent attacks, Israel is deploying a range of old and new technologies in Lebanon as part of the psychological operations ("psyops") campaign supplementing its military attacks.

Israeli leaflet says: "People of Lebanon! Understand! A face like a brother, a back of the head like a snake." Israel dropped leaflets over Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon. According to US and UK media outlets, Israel has reactivated a radio station to broadcast messages urging residents of southern Lebanon to evacuate the region. Some reports have named the station as the Voice of the South."

The opposing 'smart mobs' - 'psy-mobs' more like...

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