Sunday, June 19, 2005

Selling photos not yet taken....

Hello everyone:

An attempt to get funding for an important trans siberian conference!

Here is your chance to buy a photo i haven't taken yet on ebay - search for 'elly clarke' from the home page, or click on

it is another-ditch-attempt to get funding for this trans siberian conference!

if you click on it it'll look like people are interested and increase my chances of persuading someone to part with their cash for something that doesn't exist yet.. please pass it on. or, if you have better suggestions for how i might be able to raise money for this event that i've been invited to participate in (see more about it at please let me know. The arts council, of course, turned me down and the first installment of 1000 euros is due 11th july. my project is to make a series of interviews with passengers on the trans siberian during the conference, in their own language, through the use of written cue cards. the whole event is being supported by the Kiasma museum of contemporary art in Helsinki.

any help/suggestions/clickings on the thing most appreciated

Many thanks - Elly

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