Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The cosmobilties network

I am very pleased to inform you about the new cosmobilities network homepage ( It is completely reviseed and re-designed in its performance. We added new buttons to improve information quality and transparancy.

Please, help us to be up to date for the future with all sorts of information about mobility research. All activities of the cosmobilities network and its members may be documented here as well as information of particular interest. But we need your help for this. Keep us informed!

If you plan any events, conferences, workshops etc., please, let us know. We will quickly post your announcements to the website. If you publish books or articles, circulate calls for papers, abstracts etc., the cosmobilities network site will be pleased to support you in spreading your information widely and quickly.

There is a download sector for all sorts of papers, workshop contributions etc. Please, use it for your purposes. The more information we offer the more the cosmobilities network will be present in all different fields of research and communication. And the presence of the network and the work of its members will improve the situation for mobility research in the future.

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