Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Call for Images, Contexts: Understanding People in their Social Worlds

Vol. 4, issue 4
Contexts is a new accessible American Sociological Association magazine through which researchers disseminate current research to both an academic and a public audience. Drawing from sociology and related fields, Contexts encourages its readers to interact with their surroundings. It includes feature articles, photo and personal essays, bulletins of the latest findings from social science research, and reviews that are relevant to daily life, ranging from religion and discrimination, to pop culture and foreign crises. Contributors challenge outdated ideas, provoke creative thinking, and stimulate lively debate.
We are seeking images specifically for articles in the fourth issue of Volume 4. This is a special issue on race. Images can be original or archival photographs, or other graphic material such as art work, maps, diagrams, etc. We need images that will capture the reader?s attention and will enhance the reader?s understanding of each written text.
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Judith Friedman and Jerry Krase, Image Editors

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