Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cosmobilities Network Meeting 2005 in Berlin

The cosmobilities network ( connects European scientists working in the field of mobility research. It is a lively context of intellectual and academic exchange. As an interdisciplinary network it represents state of the art research on different aspects of social, physical, cultural and virtual mobilities.
It fosters mobility research as a key discipline for the modernization of European societies under the conditions of globalization and global complexity.

The cosmobilities network addresses social scientists, planners, engineers, and researchers interested in questions of technology, knowledge and the philosophy of science (STS). For journalists and other experts in questions of mobility it is a source of information and competence. The plurality of its members shapes the network and its activities.

The website is an information platform. It supports scientific exchange and meeting each other in virtual or real space. Creating ‘weak ties’ by communication and beyond national and disciplinary boundaries is the origin for the creativity and agility of the cosmobilities network.

Beyond communication between the members the cosmobilities network continuously organizes common workshops, conferences, publications, and projects. The network stimulates the development of common research projects and publications.
The cosmobilities network is the link to European mobility research.

Two times a year network members come together to discuss new findings and perspectives in a field of growing importance for the modernization of modern societies.

The ‘Cosmobilities Network Meeting 2005’ takes place from October 12 to 14 at the Wissenschaftszentrum für Sozialforschung Berlin (
Part of the meeting is a two day workshop, which is entitled as „Fluidities and Stabilities. New Perspectives in Mobility Research“.
The opening lecture on „Mobility and Global Complexity“ (October 12) will be given by John Urry, Lancaster. Papers come from Bertrand Montulet (Brussels), Gert Schmidt (Erlangen), Laura Watts (Lancaster), Gerlinde Vogl (München), Matthias Bergmann (Essex), Andreas Knie, and Jörg Potthast (Berlin).
For further information, please, contact Weert Canzler (, Vincent Kaufmann ( or Sven Kesselring (
There is a restricted number of places for non-members. In case of interest, please, contact Weert Canzler (

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