Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mobile industry holds its breath

BBCNews reported on 11/09/07 in 'Mobile industry holds its breath' that results from a major research programme probing mobile phone technology safety will be announced today:

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHR) has received £8.8m in funding from the government and communications industry. It has carried out 28 separate studies into the health impact of mobile phones, masts and base stations.
These include looking at the impact on childhood cancer, brain tumours, blood pressure and general brain function.

There are now 70 million mobile phone handsets in the UK, and around 50 thousand masts.
Both emit radio signals and electromagnetic fields that can penetrate the human brain, and campaigners fear that this could seriously damage human health.

Also, of related interest, a recent study concludes that mobile phone use 'could leave you irritable, sleepless or with violent mood swings':

Experts say there is a simple reason for this. Says ENT surgeon, Dr Ameet Kishore, "Cellphones, I-pods or microwaves all emit EMR or electromagnetic radiation and research shows that there is both a thermal and an ionizing effect from the commonly used appliances, which could have a potential harmful effect on you."

Read more at 'Irritable and sleepy? Blame your cellphone for it'


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