Friday, September 21, 2007

Club of Pioneers

I have recently come across what seems to be a an insightful gathering of individuals motivated towards sustainable mobile lifestyles - the Club of Pioneers. According to their website they describe themselves as:

The Club of Pioneers is about a mobile lifestyle. It gathers individuals and institutions who care about one of the most important and challenging issues of our time. The cause is in part by our mobility, that is, the emissions that change the climate around the world. Using new and clean energies to lower these emissions is one of the major tasks facing us in the coming years. New ideas in this area will guarantee a sustaining mobility for the future and a good life on this planet for all of us.

The Club of Pioneers is about a sustainable lifestyle. We rely on a kind of living that is responsible and aesthetic at the same time. In the fields of vehicles as much as energy technologies, design, architecture, food etc. you find new approaches to sustainability. We unite these voices on this platform and create a model for a new kind of living.

They have a blog page; and a discussion forum worth following.

Looks a worthwhile community to keep an eye on -

Thanks to Joni for finding me...



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